Mr Stallman, Thank You

Richard Stallman, thank you for signing our article in Médiapart Journal.

On the subject of digital sovereignty and autonomy, Richard Stallman published an article: “Measures Governments Can Use to Promote Free Software And why it is their duty to do so”.

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Covid, Health Data and Microsoft

“Legal Europe must wake up, driven by France and the pressure of public opinion. It must propose a third way to guarantee a digital future compatible with our democracies,” called for in this forum-petition many health and digital professionals, among others. A link is online to sign it.

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Mr Snowden, Thank You

Thanks to the whistleblowers.
Thanks to alert Europe again.

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Participate in the collective promotes interoperability and free and secure algorithm sharing.

Do you want to participate in the construction of free / opensource, decentralized and interoperable medical IT ?

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French government forces hospitals to give up health data to Microsoft

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An order published on April 21st forces hospitals to intensify the sending of your data to Microsoft.

Contrary to the opinion of many stakeholders - National Commission on Informatics and Liberty, National Council of Physicians, National Council of Lawyers, hospitals - the French government relies on the American giant Microsoft to store all health data.We call for the creation of an academic, media, legal, associative and political ecosystem to reaffirm autonomy and “commons” values and, to generate a broad debate in society.

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For health data helping patients

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While the government plans to rely on the American giant to store the health data, a collective initiated by professionals in the sector and computer science medical community is concerned, in a forum at “Le Monde”, about this choice of the private.

The French government is proposing the deployment of a platform named Health Data Hub (HDH) to develop artificial intelligence applied to health. The HDH aims to become a single-window access point to all health data.

The data concerned are those of the hospital centres, the pharmacies, shared medical record and research data from various registers. The amount of data hosted is brought to explode, particularly with the emergence of genomics, imaging and connected objects. It is planned that this data will be stored at Microsoft Azure, the public cloud of the American giant Microsoft. This choice is at the centre of our concerns.

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For an ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI)! freely shares algorithms to promote useful AI for healthcare workers and the patient.

Do you want to help us prioritize our work?

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