InterHop defines CHATONS as a Collective of Alternative, Transparent, Open, Neutral and Solidary Hosting Providers.

It gathers structures wishing to avoid the collection and centralization of personal data within digital silos such as those proposed by GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft).

We adhere to the CHATONS mindset!

You can read the charter and the manifesto of the CHATONS.

Available services in self-hosting : InterHop’s instant messaging tool : International web application for managing terminologies : managing and reading articles with refined content : wall of useful links : InterHop git : word processing and MarkDown presentations : spreadsheet : diagram creation application : file repository with url : text extract manager (or source code)

Is that all ?

Feel free to ask for new services if you need them

Hébergements de Données de Santé

Currently these services are not certified to host health data.

This is also the case for Google Drive, WhatsApp…

We are actively working to deliver these services including security requirements for health data. Can’t wait for the new school year…



500 euros / month. You can help us. :-)

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