Our paid services

Goupile: health forms

Goupile is a form creation software for creating complex forms. It is perfect for scientific studies especially in health.

It allows the creation of Electronic Case Report Forms (or eCRF).

InterForm: forms without server

InterForm is a serverless form service similar to FormSpree.

InterForm is an API for HTML forms. It is perfect for static sites.

Isso: serverless comments

Isso is a serverless comment service similar to Disqus.

You can migrate your Disqus/WordPress comments without any problem. It is perfect for static sites.

Website creation

You want a unique website. We used Jekyll to create blogs, websites.

All the themes we will create will be editable and open source:

  • 100% editable
  • Responsive Design
  • Markdown
  • Valid HTML5
  • Adapted CSS (Sass Source Files)
  • Section Blog
  • Form integration, CMS
  • Git synchronization
  • Isso comment system (similar to Disqus)

See free Jekyll themes.

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