Who are we ?

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Regularly (3-4 times a year), finds most of the "techno-legal" health news.

* Of course no personal information will be given to anyone ! is a French non-profit association under the law of 1901. It promotes, develops and makes available free and open-source software for health.

Associative Statuses brings together activists for open source software and self-managed use of health data at the local level.

Protecting our health data

Massive data - or big data - is today's gold, the digital giants have understood this and are becoming powerful players in the health data market. Indeed, they are setting up storage - or hosting - platforms that are inexpensive and easy to use.
However, recent scandals make us doubt their intentions and their methodology for using this treasure.
Let's stay in control of our health data and build together a safe and adapted alternative. We will gain in security, autonomy and knowledge.

InterHop Manifesto

Our storu

During the confinement, every evening at 8 pm you thanked and encouraged the nursing staff, but also reaffirmed the values of mutual aid and solidarity. Let us now turn our attention to our digital windows, because here too the medicine of the future is being built. Because of a lack of understanding of the complex issues at stake, it is in danger and needs the support of all. We have noticed that more and more health informatics projects are centered around American proprietary players - Amazon and Microsoft. These players are subjecting us to US interference in our legal and economic system.
Indeed, the so-called Patriot Act and then the CLOUD Act allow, thanks to the extra-territoriality of American law, legal access to personal data of French citizens. And there is no need to prevent them. We want to prevent the repetition of the scenario shown by Edward Snowden in 2013.
To combat this, we are committed to using open-source software, minimising the storage of medical data, not exploiting patient data and not hosting personal data with companies subject to European law - RGPD.

As early as 2014, the Framasoft association's "Dégooglisons Internet" project has shown by example, that it is possible to bring together skills and free and ethical devices in order to decentralize the Internet. The initiative carried by a handful of members demonstrates that it is possible to help individuals as well as organizations to build credible alternatives to the digital giants with a decentralized and liberating approach - as opposed to the centralized approach.

Who are we?

We are a collective of engineers, lawyers, health professionals and patients.

Our team is mainly from French hospitals. We have mainly worked in hospital data management centres. Together we are experts in the challenges of digital health.

We know that using data can be beneficial for patients. However, we are also aware of the possible abuses and want to reinforce a framework of transparency around free software to guarantee the respect of privacy.
Our association questions the way in which digital and health influence each other.

InterHop Association

The association's Office

  • Adrien PARROT, Doctor-engineer, president
  • Antoine LAMER, Datascientist, treasurer
  • Nicolas PARIS, BigData engineer, secretary

Members / sympathizers

  • Juliette ALIBERT, Lawyer
  • Chantal CHARLOT, Data Protection Officer
  • Florent DESGRIPPES, Engineer
  • Chantal CHARLOT, Data Protection Officer
  • Jamel LOUCHI, Doctor
  • Niels MARTIGNENE, Doctor-engineer
  • Silvère MAZIERE, Web Developer
  • Quentin PARROT, Engineer
  • Gabriel PERRAUD, Doctor

Thanks to Miguel Ángel Armengol de la Hoz for the help with the design of the logo :-)