Why give?

To promote and finance alternative, free, decentralized, certified, interoperable and secure tools.

Giving to InterHop means spreading popular education initiatives for patients and caregivers,

It means contributing to the emergence of ethical and decentralized health data hosts.

It means wanting to act as a watchdog of democracy on health and digital issues.

Giving to InterHop means understanding that health data is a sensitive and precious matter, of which we must remain masters, and working to make this imperative before our public actors.

To refuse to see our health data used in disregard of the European Data Protection Regulation, and to assert our rights.

It is to refuse an excessive privatization of data covered by the medical secrecy, which cannot benefit the interests of GAFAM.

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Patients, caregivers, we are all concerned by the preservation of medical confidentiality.

What are your donations for?

Your donations are essential to ensure the sustainability of the digital tools that we make available to everyone in an associative framework.

Your donations are essential to guarantee our independence.

Fund certified servers

Your donations will be used to finance certified servers “Health Data Hosts” to install websites and free/open source software for health : instant messaging, videoconferencing, massive data analysis platform…)

We are inspired by the Framasoft association and invite you to look at what the are doing outside of health.

Developing ethical tools for e-health

These donations will then be used to install, develop open source software in a secure enclave for health.

Changing the law and enforcing the law

InterHop will coordinate a strategy of advocacy at the national and European levels to defend your fundamental freedoms. Prospects for actions before the Court of Justice of the European Union and national courts are being considered.

How to give ?

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