Our Projects

For care: InterHop wants to de-globalize digital health takes over the ideas of and

In the field of health care, our objectives are therefore :

For health professionals and patients, the association installs and creates alternative and efficient solutions dedicated to health. develops digital tools for data collection or online appointment scheduling software. installs software for video-conferencing, instant messaging or encrypted document sharing.

InterHop easy access to law

Very concretely, provides multiple tools to understand the law and the regulatory issues of health data. We are working for a full and complete application of the RGPD. InterHop therefore provides a legal and technical watch, a Frequently Asked Questions as well as standard letters.

InterHop wants to change the law and enforce the law

InterHop's advocacy activities will enable the emergence of concrete proposals at a national and European level. Our aim is to act in favor of a maximum protection of health data, to spread the culture of free access, and the idea of decentralization and transparency on digital tools.

Our Advocacy and Legal Actions

Developers, let's collaborate!

The online services we offer are free, ethical and decentralized. They allow users⋅rices to quickly find alternatives that respect their data and privacy to the services offered by the GAFAMs (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft).

The association develops tools such as Goupile, a digital data collection form, or decentralized appointment scheduling software such as Toobib.

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